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Dublin Bus Pay talks at Workplace Relations Commission Update.

5 May 2016

Unfortunately pay talks at the workplace relations commission have ended with no agreement.


TSSA along with other trade unions were directed by the labour court in late March to return to negotiations on pay under the auspices of the workplace relations commission. Throughout the process we reiterated our position that TSSA members in Dublin Bus deserve a fair and significant pay rise.

As a Trade Union we believe we engaged constructively in the process. However we do not feel that was reciprocated by Dublin Bus. We believe the pay offer and length of the agreement falls well short of what could be considered a fair and reasonable offer; considering the length of time since your last pay rise and the sacrifices made during the cost containment agreement.

As a union we were particularly concerned at the derisory tactic from Dublin Bus to impose a staggered pay system.

This goes against any principle of pay parity and equity. As a trade union we strongly believe your pay should be through a fair and impartial means. You pay should be commensurate to the work being done. Individual pay should be based on duties and responsibilities performed. Any pay increase we believe should be equitable for all workers in Dublin Bus. All job roles in Dublin Bus should be valued equally and this needs to be reflected in the pay offer.

Our understanding of the direction of the Labour Court was that we were to discuss an overall pay increase to all workers, no one that would value some less favourably than others.

As we were unable to reach agreement the issue will be referred back to the Labour Court.

We will keep members updated of any further developments.

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