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Direct Rail Services: Pay 2015

20 July 2015

Your TSSA reps have been involved in negotiations with DRS over the past few months regarding a pay settlement for 2015.

During the discussions the increased growth and resulting profits made by the company in the past year were highlighted. TSSA pointed out that these achievements have only be possible due to the hard work of our members and consequently they should be rewarded in recognition. Furthermore we pointed out that the negotiations were taking place against a back drop of increasing fiscal burden for our members, whilst inflation as demonstrated by the Retail Price Index is unusually low, in reality DRS employees are still facing financial challenges and any rise should be above the level of inflation to significantly improve their standard of living.

Against this the company argued that they only wished to benchmark any rise against the cost of living and furthermore as they envisaged this to be a year of “consolidation” they could not go above this.

Following in depth discussion and negotiations the company made the following final offer which includes a commitment to engage in further discussions of terms and conditions specific to separate grade groups:

· A pensionable increase of 2.0% in base salary with effect from 1 April 2015

Memorandum of Understanding

At the 2015 Pay Talks, both parties committed to participating in meaningful discussions relating to Terms and Conditions of employment, productivity and efficiency within the organisation and exploring ways of enhancing them to the mutual benefit of both parties. Specific focus shall be given to the recent introduction of “new business” to the organisation, namely NSC and TOC Support.


Once the 2015 pay award has been accepted by the respective Trade Unions, with immediate effect, DRS and the Works Councils within their specific Grade Groups will agree a timescale in terms of formulating agreed agendas for meaningful discussions. As per the normal arrangements under the bargaining machinery, the due process may include the Full-Time Officers.

Your reps believe that this is the best offer that can be achieved through negotiations and recommend you accept this offer. Attached is a referendum paper please complete and return by Monday 3rd August 2015 If you require any further information on the pay negotiations outlined above or any other issues please email me on

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