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FGW: Management Grade Christmas and Boxing Day offer

21 November 2011

Update on Management Grade Issues and notification of FGW's offer for Christmas and Boxing Day Enhancements

Management Divisional Council

At the last Management Divisional Council meeting your TSSA representatives met with the company to discuss various issues raised by You.

Whilst this circular won’t cover everything discussed in detail, it seeks to give members a flavour of the types of issues raised. You will then have the ability to feed into these meetings by suggesting new topics or even allowing you to challenge why we are raising various topics. In future the minutes of these meetings will be available after they have been agreed (generally after the following meeting) and will be available upon request from your Local representative or via notice boards.

If you don’t have a union notice board in your workplace then please let us know so that we can arrange for one to be allocated and organise for someone to update it. If you’d like to volunteer to do this or would be interested in representing your fellow TSSA members then email me


Enhancements for working Christmas day and Boxing day – Due to the issues you raised around the April bank holiday and TSSA highlighting that management grades feel like second class citizens this allowed us to highlight an agreement TSSA had recently made with Arriva Trains Wales. FGW have now made a proposal regarding management grades receiving enhanced rates if they work on either Christmas day or Boxing day. We are asking TSSA members within the management grades of FGW to have their say on the proposal and to vote by noon on 30 November. You can read the offer and have your say by clicking here 

It is important to note that your representatives raised the following issues with the proposals namely:

  • Calculating enhancements based on just basic pay having an impact on those managers who receive a flexibility allowance, FGW have advised they will consider this option.
  • The fact that as it will only apply to those who start their shift on Christmas Day or Boxing Day this may prevent some e.g. those who start on Christmas Eve and finish their shift on Christmas day from getting the benefit. FGW advised that they weren’t prepared to offer an amendment to this, as people will benefit from receiving the enhancements for a whole shift if they start work on either Christmas or Boxing Day.
  • Those who are on call not being able to relax fully over the festive period not receiving the enhancements if they are not called out. FGW advised that they were only prepared to pay the enhancements if Managers actually got called out on those days as they already receive a day in lieu if on Call.

Erosion of pay – Following talks with the company it is clear that there are discrepancies within some management grades. We have focused on those managers within the Engineering Grades where there are obvious discrepancies for management Job roles (e.g. Production managers, DEM Technicians etc) as well as discrepancies between managers and those that they manage. Further work is being carried out on this and your representatives will be working to move these issues forward. If you have any questions then please approach your representatives in the first instance, also the more information that you give us the better able we will be to move forward on these issues.

Claiming Back Annual leave From 29 April – TSSA had previously expressed concerns that Management grade members may not be able to claim back the additional days annual leave for working this day, we pushed to have a mechanism for managers to sell this back to the company if needed. FGW informed us that out of the 170 managers who worked the day most had used up the majority of their annual leave. The company plan to look into any discrepancies between now and the next meeting in February so we will keep you updated on this point. If you have concerns regarding claiming back your annual leave then please contact your local representative.

What else was discussed?

As stated you will be able to find out the other issues discussed at divisional council through the minutes of the meetings or by asking your representatives. Unfortunately not all the agreed representatives positions are filled which makes it difficult to ensure that your interests are fully represented. To make sure we cover all of our members needs and interests we need members to stand forward for these positions. A circular will be issued in the coming weeks to detail which vacancies still need filled. 2012 will represent the 3rd year of Management Collective bargaining within FGW and in order to build on the successes that we have already achieved we need a full compliment of representatives going forward. In the interim if you are interested or have questions about doing this please email .

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