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First Great Western fails to honour its promise to provide station staff harmonisation proposals!

13 March 2013

First Great Western has failed to provide to TSSA reps the fully costed proposals for Harmonisation Phase 2 by today’s deadline of midday in spite of its promises to do so.

This follows a breakdown in industrial relations brought about by the contemptuous attitude displayed towards TSSA Stations Divisional Council reps which triggered a series of avoidance of dispute discussions.

The company has now tabled ill thought through and completely unacceptable proposals attacking station staffs’ terms and conditions, including the completely unacceptable proposal to cease paying those off sick on their first day off!

It is now time for TSSA members in station grades to say NO to being treated with contempt, and YES to taking industrial action!

TSSA reps now feel that the only way in which the company will deal with these issues seriously is to show that TSSA members are serious about winning a fair deal for all station staff. TSSA is therefore canvassing the views of our station staff members for industrial action.

Vote YES, YES, YES on the enclosed referendum form and encourage your colleagues to do the same!

The background

The only reason that the Company agreed to resume discussions on Phase 2 Harmonisation is because YOUR REPS brought them to the table. In addition the following issues have also been discussed and remain to date unresolved:

1. Cross cover

2. Zero hours contracts

3. Agency cover

4. New technology payments

5. Station security

The Company decided that the best way to resolve these issues was to include them in their Harmonisation Proposal!

The Company is making a complete mockery of you and your reps abusing the Collective Bargaining Machinery on a frequent basis. The Company’s default position appears to be do first and apologise later in the hope that they won’t get caught out. Luckily for them this rarely happens as your reps are always quick to spot what the Company is doing and challenge them accordingly.

We cannot allow the situation to continue whereby you and your colleagues do identical jobs and get paid different salaries for doing so. It is disgusting that the Company has dragged their heels since 2007 and have done everything in its power to frustrate the situation.

YOUR REPS remain committed to defending and protecting your hard won rights and terms and conditions and strive to ensure that you are in the best position possible in a fragile climate. This is especially the case at the moment, the future is uncertain for all and presents the threats of McNulty and the current status of the franchise.

Please talk to your colleagues about the importance of being in TSSA to strengthen your collective voice and consider undertaking a reps position.

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