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Greater Anglia Management Job Slashes

10 January 2019

The TSSA is still reeling from the shock of the Management Staff cull that began yesterday. Some Managers have been called into meetings and their services dispensed with. Based on all the feedback that I have heard, it has been ruthless and confusing. I personally feel a great deal of sorrow for all Greater Anglia employees who should all be concerned for their futures.


The company has so far refused to give the TSSA any information despite the fact that we believe that we are entitled to have been consulted on the proposed changes. This means that the company’s actions are potentially unlawful. It is very difficult to tell without any co-operation from Greater Anglia.

I advise members who are affected by the changes that their employment rights may have been undermined and that if members do decide to sign a settlement agreement, they may lose the opportunity of being compensated for any potential unlawful action by Greater Anglia at some point in the future.

The TSSA’s General Secretary, Manuel Cortes has written to Jamie Burles asking him to stop this exercise and properly consult with the appropriate organisations. We are eagerly awaiting a response for an urgent meeting.

I shall seek to provide better updates as information becomes available, if indeed it ever does.

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