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Privatisation of Public Transport Irish Labour Party Conference

2 December 2013

As you may be aware, the Labour Party held its Conference over the weekend in Killarney. Our union was represented by our General Secretary, Manuel Cortes and Sean Kenny TD.

A TSSA supported composite was overwhelmingly supported. This committed the Labour Party to resist attempts to privatise public transport services. It also called on Labour representatives at all levels to support the need for publicly owned and accountable public transport services that deliver environmental sustainability, social cohesion and long term economic benefits. As you may also be aware, the Fine Gael led coalition government is pressing ahead with plans to privatise up to 10% of bus services. Fine Gael’s manifesto gave a commitment to open up the entire bus market to private procurement competitions by 2014. It is clear that Labour's influence as the junior partner in the coalition has severely tempered Fine Gael's market fundamentalism. However, as a union we remain firmly committed to public ownership. We are delighted that delegates at the Labour Party Conference overwhelmingly agreed with us on this very important principle. Over the coming months, given your continuing support, we will be stepping up our efforts to ensure that no part of Ireland's vital public transport infrastructure is handed over to the private sector.

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