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Intelenet TUPE or not TUPE

3 July 2013

It’s all change again for the existing Intelenet staff as TSSA were informed formally at a meeting last week of Serco’s intention to undertake a TUPE exercise.

What does this mean?

I appreciate that the majority of you have been through the TUPE (Transfer Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) process before and hope that you are therefore not overly concerned with this latest development. To refresh your memories two years ago Serco acquired Intelenet through a share purchase agreement. At that time TUPE did not apply as Intelenet remained the legal employer.

Serco has now confirmed that they have completed the purchase and that Intelenet UK will cease to exist as a legal entity from 1 August 2013 and that TUPE is now required.

The Company has assured us that they do not intend on altering any of your existing terms and conditions nor do they plan to conduct any form of restructuring or harmonisation exercise. One change which is required is your pay date which the Company propose to move to the 28th day of the month (or the proceeding Friday if pay day falls on a Bank Holiday).

Next steps

The Company has confirmed that they intend to undertake “a data validation” process through the submission of a questionnaire. It is important that you complete this form so that the Company is fully up to date with all of your personal information and terms and conditions. If there are any discrepancies then the Company will seek a meeting with you to discuss and resolve them.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ali Thornton TSSA rep. Ali is due to attend a series of meetings prior to 1 August so she is in a good position to represent your views directly to the Company.

If you know colleagues who are not in the union, then please pass them a copy of this circular and ask them to join by following this link:

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