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London Midland Management Grade Pay Talks

14 December 2015

Your TSSA representatives met with the company last week for the third time to discuss management grade pay for 2015. As you will be aware our pay discussions have been held up recently whilst the principles of agreeing Driver Managers pay were negotiated. This was necessary as a clear understanding of all parties involved in the pay talks and the agreements by which they are governed needed to be understood fully to proceed.

You will have more than likely received a communication from the company prior to our meeting. This document was incorrect in stating that TSSA had not accepted an offer, as until the meeting last week no offer had been formally put to us. Secondly the communication was misleading by stating that TSSA had requested postponement of Management pay talks until the conclusion of the non management settlement. In fact TSSA had clearly articulated that following on from below parity settlements for the Management grades in previous years, we would expect at least parity with the non management pay settlement. This did not preclude any talks taking place. We could have still met to discuss other non pay elements of the claim e.g. working hours, flexible working, leave entitlements. TSSA have repeatedly offered availability dates to meet and pushed to initiate a management grade pay meeting over the last few months.

Pay Offer

Following a number of offers submitted by London Midland and counter proposals to improve the settlement, the full and final offer submitted by the company was:

One Year Pay award Offer

Ø 1.5% pay increase (May 2015 RPI plus 0.5%) from 01 July 2015

Ø An additional 0.3% pay increase from 01 January 2016


The RPI element of the pay award will be fully pensionable for future and previous service. As such, increases above RPI will be forward pensionable only, as discussed with all Trade Unions in pensions discussions held in 2014 and 2015.


In addition to the options above, the Company commits to also introducing the following elements as part of the pay award:


Management Annual Leave Buying and Selling Scheme

All managers receive paid annual leave according to their contract of employment – part timer managers receive their annual leave on a pro rata basis. The Management Annual Leave Buying and Selling Scheme will allow managers some flexibility to alter that entitlement, by buying some additional leave days up to a maximum of 5 days for full time staff, by selling some of their leave days up to a maximum of 2 days for full time staff.


Full scheme details will need to be finalized and an application and recording system will need to be processed prior to the scheme becoming live.

TSSA have argued that as well as cost of living pressures, London Midland managers should be rewarded for the extra effort they have put in since the reorganisation and their efforts which have led to the awarding of the DAC. The offer is for most (though not all) slightly better than the non management pay settlement. The reps consider the offer to be the best and final offer which could be negotiated and based on feedback believed it met the aspirations of the majority of members. With this in mind TSSA agreed to accept the offer.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the reps for their hard work in helping to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Driver Managers
Driver Managers will receive a separate communication regarding the 2015 pay settlement.


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