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TSSA Rejects LUL Offer on Olympics

15 March 2012

Today your TSSA representatives met to consider LUL’s offer for the Olympics. After a full and frank debate your reps unanimously rejected the offer.

This decision was not primarily a financial decision as broken down in our recent circular, but on the issue around the level of flexibility the company are seeking. This varies across functions from major changes to the rostered hours, compulsory overtime, and working away from your normal place of work across the network to name a few.

Very little discussion took place at ACAS on any details on flexibility and yet the company feel it’s justified to attach so many strings, to what at first glance looked like a reasonable offer.

Therefore the TSSA have rejected the offer and wrote to LUL seeking urgent talks at functional councils to negotiate on the level of flexibility the company are looking at. Our top priority will be ensuring the changes are reasonable and palatable whilst making sure the safety and welfare of our members are not put at risk.

We will update you all further when we have a response to our rejection.

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