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London Underground Stations dispute: update

1 September 2014

Talks with London Underground management have been continuing for a number of months. These can only be described as painfully slow. As a result we have many outstanding issues that have not been addressed are therefore reaching a crossroads in the negotiations. ItÂ’s time for the company to start bringing more than crumbs to the table; otherwise our members will need to consider escalating the dispute.


Supervisor Development courses advice…

The company are conducting development training for Supervisors starting today. For a considerable period of time we have raised strong objections to any assessment taking place as part of this training. We have made it clear that any new process relating to criteria that determine which grades and locations members will end up with would require a change to your current machinery for which we had not discussed.

In a plenary session with management a couple of weeks ago, TSSA made it very clear that if the position was not changed we will be putting on action short of industrial action in the form of not attending assessments and an overtime ban. Through continued dialogue we now have a written assurance from the company that the assessment will only be used be used to assess members’ future development. Crucially, this means that no assessment will take place determining any grades or locations. Of course we will need to negotiate this criteria to determine location/grade, but this is a step forward that allows us to concentrate on the many outstanding issues you all face.

The fight continues….

We still have an extensive list of outstanding issues with the company:

· No commitment to guaranteed salaries unless you’re prepared to move!

· Ticket office closures still firmly on the table, with few answers on how this can possibly work and very few assurances on any contingencies!

· SCRA’s & SAMF’s still faced with comparable roles in terms of salary will largely mean moving considerable distances to retain their salary!

· No agreement on roles and responsibilities for CSAs in future and possible responsibility for cash handling!

· All CSM roles may move out of the Stations Functional Council into MATS!

· Joint letter from the TSSA/RMT to Phil Hufton resulted in a very non-committal response to your very serious concerns, for which we felt now was the time for some serious answers!

· Currently we have a commitment that certain grades will be mapped into comparable jobs for which you all have the list. However the numbers simply do not add up in that there are not enough jobs and yet we have no answers on how this will be fairly addressed!

· The final figure on jobs to be removed goes no further than to say less than 953! What does this mean we might end up with 952 jobs lost!

These are some of the headlines with many more issues still outstanding that we are trying to progress on your behalf. This is why I mentioned the crossroads at the top of this circular when we need some serious movement or we will be escalating our industrial action mandate.

The TSSA position is now very clear and it’s time see some serious movement from the company, or we all know what comes next….

United we bargain, divided we beg!

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