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Network Rail Rejects Peace Talks on Bands 1-4 Pay

16 June 2011

As you will know your reps decided at a meeting on 2 June to ask Gerry Doherty, TSSA General Secretary, to approach David Higgins, Chief Executive, to seek to talks to resolve our dispute over Bands 1-4 pay.

Earlier this week we received a response. Network Rail are determined to impose the 2.5% pay pot and believe the manner of allocating the individual pay rises to be “sensible”! In addition they have cancelled a meeting due to happen this week to discuss issues around unfairness in the pay structures. 
The Company proposed a meeting to develop better relations, but we have made clear that the main obstacle to improving relations is the manner in which our management members are being treated over pay. The Company do not want to address these important issues and seem to believe that there is not genuine anger among management staff.

No option but action!

There is now no alternative but to continue our preparations for a ballot for industrial action. This is not done lightly but in response to several years of increasingly poor treatment of TSSA members in Bands 1-4. It is time to show Network Rail that they cannot continue to take your goodwill for granted. 

How can you help?

We need all bands 1-4 members to get involved in this campaign at your workplace to show Network Rail.
Meetings are being arranged around the country and will be publicised on the website shortly. Talks to your colleagues about attending. Come along and find out how you can help, and if there isn’t a meeting happening, contact us on so we can help you set one up and get a senior rep along.
Speak to your colleagues, spread the word. In spite of the company’s imposition of pay, the campaign for a fair pay rise continues. Display the circulars and leaflets in your workplace and talk to colleagues about joining us.
If you are interested in taking an extra step and becoming a Campaign Contact then email  


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