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MIlton Keynes: Consultation Restarts

2 September 2011

On 5 September your national reps will restart consultation with Network Rail on the move to the Milton Keynes National Centre.

Consultation halted for some time as Devolution became top of the Company’s agenda. Your union has focussed on engaging with the new Route structure to seek to ensure that the right roles were kept in the Routes. This will continue with parallel discussions on Devolution.

Last year your reps consulted on the “People Process” for the MK move. While there was significant progress in some areas there were still various issues which we could not reach agreement on. The most important were:

·         Extension of Flexible and Remote Working to every member of staff. Your reps strongly believe that a commitment to this would ease the process of establishing a National Centre and ensure that more staff could follow their work to Milton Keynes and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

·         “Selection Criteria” for travel and relocation support and redeployment. Using “discretion” and vague criteria such as the local labour market means that people will be treated differently according to how their face fits. Your reps remain determined to fight unfairness wherever it is found.

As well as the issues above there are serious questions to be asked of NR about how this fits in with the process of Devolution.

Area Consultations

Consultation meetings will then be held in September and October for each department to consult on the move and any associated re-organisations. If you have any points you wish to be made in the consultations then please contact the Members’ Helpdesk who will put you in touch with the appropriate reps.

We also need members to be more involved – either as points of contact for the reps carrying out the consultations or to be co-opted to represent their colleagues. As a co-optee you would be with an experienced rep and your role would be to help make sure the views of the members on the ground are heard.

If you are interested in getting more involved with the consultation process please contact the Members’ Helpdesk who will put you in touch with a TSSA organiser.

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