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NDS: Separation of Planning Activities

15 November 2011

Last week your reps consulted with Network Rail on the separation of planning activities between National Delivery Service (NDS) and Network Operations.

Your reps raised concerns that the split would lead to logistical difficulties with planning. The company were confident that although the planning and resourcing of posessions would again be under different departments, this would be counteracted by staff remaining in the same locations. 

The main topic of the meeting was the process that NR had followed to decide who goes where. The principle was established that an individual should go to either NDS or Network Operations according to where the majority of the work in their substantive role was going. The company had used information from usage of the IT systems within NDS as well as line manager information to give an initial indication of this. All staff affected will be notified in writing.

An appeal process has been established so an individual can challenge if they think they have been placed wrongly and this will be reviewed by management and reps. If you are affected and do think there is a mistake you should appeal giving evidence of the majority of your work and inform your rep. 

As the majority of staff affected will now be under the routes in Network Operations we will need more members to become active within the union so we can ensure you are treated fairly. If you are interetested, or have any further questions then contact your rep or the Members' Helpdesk.

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