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Bands 1-4 Pay: 2.75% Offered

21 May 2012

On Friday 18 May your Management Council reps met Network Rail to hear the company's response to TSSA's pay claim.

Network Rail stated that they did not want wish to reflect RPI when considering management pay but instead would seek to reflect “movement in the market”.

The offer made at last week’s meeting was:

·      A pay pot of 2.75%

·      A minimum rise of 2.5% for those who were rated as good or above in their performance review

·      No rise at all for those rated PIR or SPIR

·      Rises above the 2.5% minimum to be allocated by PPLs on the basis of performance and also an individual’s pay “relative to peers”

Your reps immediately indicated that this would not be acceptable.

This offer is less than half the award made to bands 5-8 and equivalent and with RPI running at 3.6% effectively results in a pay cut.

While a guaranteed minimum for the majority of staff is a welcome step forward from the past few years, your reps also indicated that a 0% award would be unfair to so many staff who had performed perfectly reasonably through the year.

A number of questions were also asked:

·      How could NR justify paying managers a lower rise again than the rest of the organisation?

·      How would NR ensure that the actual percentages were not skewed towards the higher bands, as has been the case in the last two years?

·      What rules would be used to allocate the performance and “relative to peers” element of the award? How could individuals ensure they were being treated fairly?

·      Would NR remove the unfair practice of imposing ex-gratia payments instead of a cost of living, pensionable pay rise to some staff?

Other Issues in the Claim

Network Rail made no offers on any other elements of the claim at last week’s meeting.

This was hugely frustrating to your reps who have indicated that a fuller response in necessary at the next meeting on such issues as:

·      Long hours and unpaid overtime

·      Differentials between managers and the staff they manager

·      Flexible working and childcare facilities

·      Travel subsidies

A further update will be issued after the next meeting with NR on 28 May.

What can you do?

Your area reps are meeting next Monday 28 May to discuss the offer further.

Attend your local workplace meeting and speak to your rep so they can represent your views.

Distribute this newsletter and display it in your workplace so your colleagues can see the updated position.

Talk to your colleagues about joining TSSA if they are not members!



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