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Ops, Projects and Support bands 5-8 - Reps Accept Company's Pay Offer

11 January 2013

Following a meeting of your area reps on 9 January TSSA has today written to Network Rail accepting their pay offer.

The resulting pay award will be:

Year 1: 3.5% - RPI + 0.5%

Year 2: RPI + 0.5%

For those on role clarity contracts subject to performance reviews this will be implemented as a pay pot, those with a good rating receiving 3.5% for 2013.

The upper band limits will also rise by 3.5% in 2013. The new band limits will be circulated as soon as they are confirmed.

Further to the above agreement the company wrote to confirm the pay increases for those on performance related pay:

Outstanding: 4.3%

Exceeded: 3.85%

Good/Developing in Role: 3.5%

PIR: 0%

SPIR: 0%

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