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TSSA respond to regulator's proposal for further Network Rail cuts

4 September 2013

TSSA today published its response to the Office of Rail Regulation's Draft Determination on Network Rail funding.

Concerns have been raised about whether Network Rail can possibly achieve the challenging performance targets while the ORR seeks to cut a further £2.4bn from the cost of running the infrastructure from 2014-19. 

In particular the union has highlighted further reductions in maintenance budgets after drastic cuts were made in the last few years leaving staffing levels barely able to cope with current essential work on the track and signals. The ORR has also failed to address the major inefficiencies and unsafe working practices within track renewals. Elsewhere the Draft Determination asks Network Rail to significantly cut back on support costs while asking the company to undertake major organisational change and introduce major new information technology solutions over the same period.

These cuts will lead to a deterioration of safety standards on the railway and increase the risk of harm to passengers and railway workers.

TSSA believes it is time for a radical rethink of the structure of the railway industry, which would reduce the fragmentation which costs over £1.2bn per year. Solving these industry wide problems would mean that the infrastucture could be properly funded and the public could have a railway which was truly value for money.

Read the TSSA response here:

   TSSA Response to Draft Determination - Sep 2013 - Web



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