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Network Rail Announce Job Cuts in Management Grades

26 September 2013

Your Management Reps met Network Rail today (26 September) and were informed of their intention to reduce the salary bill for executive and bands 1-4 by 15% through cuts in staffing

The company stated this was due to the significant cost reductions needed through CP5 and the need to reduce prior to the commencement of the Control Period in April 2014.

Network Rail indicated they would wish to seek potential volunteers for redundancy but in parallel each part of the company will be looking a proposals for re-organisations. At this stage they could not rule out compulsory redundancies.

Your reps expressed shock at the scale of the proposed cuts, and in particular the effect on safety and on the workload of those who maybe left behind, as well as opposing continuing compulsory redundancies. 

Your area reps wiill be meeting next Wednesday 2 October, and beforehand will be seeking your views in meetings, in person and by email. Make sure you let them know your views.

Your Management Reps have a further meeting with the company on 7 October. 

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