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TSSA Reps Challenge Network Rail's 15% Cuts

8 October 2013

Your national TSSA reps met Network Rail on 7 October to begin talks on the company’s proposed 15% cuts within management grades.

Last week your area reps for Bands 1-4 met, after feedback from members, to discuss how the union woudl approach the talks. Your reps decisions were: 

·      The company’s target of cuts of 15% (£375m over the CP5 period) was not possible whilst sustaining a safe and efficient railway. A re-organisation within every area of the business within six months was harmful to staff and the business and reps would be pushing for internal and external safety reviews.

·      TSSA oppose compulsory redundancies and would be seeking commitments from Network Rail around the use of voluntary severance, removal of vacancies where possible and a full review of agency staff. Your reps also sought a freeze on external recruitment.

·      There must be a clear and consistent approach to all re-organisations giving opportunities to all staff across the business and clearly outlining how work will be transferred and carried out in any new organisation structure.

Why £375m? Evidence-based or arbitrary?

Our initial meeting with Network Rail concentrated on the rationale for the 15% cuts and then the process for further talks to allow reps and members to be fully involved and informed. Your reps were disappointer that the company were unable to clearly explain the rationale behind the figure of 15%. It was stated that the NR Executive Directors had set the figure as they believed this would be achievable, but it was not based on any review of the organisation or any specific saving figure needed for CP5.

Your reps were astounded that the company were prepared to embark on such a radical process with so little evidence of a rigorous process. The TSSA do not accept the validity of this figure and will continue to challenge the scale and speed of the cuts.

Further talks are being scheduled to examine the detail of the vacancy gap and agency numbers, as well as to track the interest in voluntary severance. National level talks will continue throughout the change period as well as specific consultations for each function.

There are many questions still to be answered and we will keep you updated throughout the process. Make sure you find out who your rep is and talk to them about your concerns!

TSSA is the only union representing Bands 1-4 staff within Network Rail. Your reps will be the only voice speaking out publicly and to the company in defence of the railway and our members. 

If you are a member now is the time to get active! We need new reps from every area of Network Rail to help us challenge re-organisation proposals with your local knowledge and keep your colleagues informed. Contact the Members’ Helpdesk to find out how to get involved!

If you are not a member join today! Your reps will be the ones asking the difficult questions and letting you know the answers. Join TSSA here -

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