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TSSA Reps Say: No Compulsory Redundancies Necessary!

30 October 2013

Further talks on Network Rail’s proposal to cut the salary budget of management grades by 15% took place on 21 October.

In response to a request from your union the company shared details of the company’s vacancy gap and the number of contractors employed, as well as an update on how many staff had expressed an interest in voluntary severance (VS).

Your reps requested this information as the union is committed avoiding any compulsory redundancies as part of this process and wanted to understand the potential to save costs through other means.

The information shared indicated:

·      1120 current vacancies

·      652 contractor staff on the books

·      410 people had expressed an interest in VS as of first thing 21 October.

We strongly believe that Network Rail have scope to avoid any compulsory redundancies. Though there will be many posts which are critical to the running of the railway, a commitment to training staff up to replace potential VS leavers and contractors in vital roles will protect TSSA members and assist the company in managing any business change.

We will continue to pursue these issues in talks with Network Rail and will update you on progress.

What’s next in the talks?

National reps will be discussing the effect on individuals, questioning:

·      What “people process” will Network Rail use for those going through re-organisations

·      How will displaced staff obtain the best access to alternative jobs?

·      How will matters such as leave and notice be dealt with for VS leavers?

·      How will the “backfilling” of VS leavers and contractors be operated?

·      The company’s approach to more flexible working to assist “backfilling”?

·      What is the company’s position on lump sum payments into pension schemes?

Why should you be part of the TSSA?

There has been debate around the processes of collective negotiation and consultation and the role of TSSA. Network Rail discharges its legal responsibility to consult with staff through the collective agreement with your union, and the TSSA is the only independent voice of bands 1-4 staff. 

The training and support that is given to your reps, the resources that allow you to be updated directly and access to legal advice are all supported through members’ dues.

TSSA reps will be exceptionally busy over the next few months dealing with re-organisations and individual queries – the union will not be able to support non-members!

The union is only as strong as its membership!

Now is the time to join and get involved!

  TSSA 1-4 Newsletter - 23 Oct

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