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NR Maintenance Pay - Reps Accept Company Offer of 3.1%

10 January 2014

Yesterday your area reps met to discuss the final pay offer for 2014 from Network Rail.

The company's proposal was:

  • a one-year deal,
  • 3.1% effective from 1 January (this is the November RPI figure of 2.6% plus 0.5%),
  • for those on role clarity contracts all those with a rating of "good" or above would be guarenteed at least the 3.1% rise,
  • no movement on the minima or maxima of the bands, meaning some staff would hit the top of the band and receive full or part ex gratia payments,
  • establishment of a joint working party to explore productivity changes 
  • a commitment not to apply any compulsory redundancies for the maintenance and operations bargaining group during 2014

After gathering feedabck from members the reps voted to accept the pay deal, which will be implemented for the next pay date.

Reps did express concern about various issues associated with the pay claim, including harmonsation of PDTA rates and expenses, differing London and South East allowance rates and a small number Section Managers being given pay awards in line with the bands 1-4 pay instead of being inline with the rest of the supervisory grades.

Should any of these issues affect you then get in touch with your area rep to find out what you can do to get organised in your area and push the concerns up Network Rail's agenda!

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