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Bands 1-4 Pay - Network Rail offer 2%

23 May 2014

On Wednesday 21 May your national reps met Network Rail to continue discussions on TSSA's pay claim for bands 1-4 staff.

The company have offered a pay pot of 2% to be distributed in line with performance ratings. Network Rail are further considering commitments to joint working on differentials, long hours, allowances and travel but have been clear they wish to direct funds to the main pay pot.

The RPI measure of the rise in the cost of living is currently at 2.5%. In January your colleagues in bands 5-8 received a pay award of 3.1%(equal to RPI + 0.5%). Network Rail's own research indicates that pay rises across the country in different industries are running above 2%. These are the same sets of data that in previous years the company has used to justify below inflation rises, and now they choose to dismiss them!

The company made much of the cost challenges of CP5 and efficiencies that need to be made. Your reps were adamant that bands 1-4 staff had already contributed to the tune of £375m through the Management Efficiency Programme cuts of 15% and that an offer which is effectively a pay cut for the vast majority of staff was already causing a great deal of anger!

Your area reps are meeting on Wednesday 28 April to discuss our response. Let your area rep know your views before the meeting, and if you don't know who your area rep is contact the Members' Helpdesk.

Network Rail will be confirming the full details of the offer in writing before the meeting on Wednesday and this will be circulated to members.

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