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Maintenance Phase 2bc: Review of Organisation Starts

19 December 2011

As part of the ongoing review of the Phase 2bc reorganisation of maintenance, your reps have been involved in a six-month Post Implementation Review.

Your reps position is that supervisory and admin grades have not had their workload accurately assessed. This has led to under-resourcing in areas across the country. The aim for this review was to engage with Network Rail to try and solve these problems.

Jobs Guaranteed for 2012

There were some major issues discussed and resolved during the talks:

·         The company have agreed to extend the guarantee of no compulsory redundancies for employees within the maintenance function until 1 January 2013.

·         The organisation has been amended to allow additional supervisors to be put in certain disciplines: off track and signalling.

·         Information was shared by the company on amounts of certain types of work (eg work orders and SSOWPs), backlog and levels of sickness.  

The next step is for area consultations to take place to discuss any amended staffing levels. These will take place in January. Your reps will be able to use information on workloads, sickness and leave to make arguments around where additional posts should be placed.

Your reps need your help. Help them prove where additional posts are needed. Get in touch with information on levels of work in your area. If you don’t know who your area rep is then get in touch with the Members Helpdesk.

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