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Fat Controllers Call A Halt To Bonus Bonanza

18 July 2013

Public members arriving for Network Rail's agm were met with a Fat Controllers protest urging them to reject a new multi million pound bonus scheme for the firm's top five bosses.


Members of the TSSA rail union-dressed as the Thomas the Tank character-handed them leaflets asking them to vote against a new double bonus scheme worth up to £5.8 million extra over three years.

They carried placards accusing the execs of running their own first class gravy train while passengers faced inflation busting annual fare rises.

Under the scheme, Sir David Higgins, chief executive, could earn £1.5 million by 2015 if he met all performance targets.

"This is daylight robbery of the taxpayer," said union general secretary Manuel Cortes, leading the protest outside a Cardiff hotel.

"These executives are rewarding themselves for failure. Passengers will be furious having seen fares by 16% since 2010 and more big increases to come."




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