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Network Rail: Ops Pay and the Olympics Agreement

27 May 2011

Your area reps from Operations and Customer Services, Projects and Support and Maintenance met on 24 May to consider the offer from Network Rail for Ops Pay and the Olympics.

Your area reps from Operations and Customer Services, Projects and Support and Maintenance met on 24 May to consider the offer from Network Rail for Ops Pay and the Olympics.

In a letter of 13 May Network Rail indicated that they had already put in place arrangements to implement the deal. This is after excluding TSSA reps from the last negotiation meeting and giving no time to consult reps – the democratic process which ensures TSSA speaks for its members.

Ops Pay

The pay offer can be downloaded below. Your reps had no complaints about the financial offer of 5.2% for January 2011 and RPI + 0.5% in January 2012. In fact they made it clear that members considered it acceptable.

However, there were still elements of our claim which were of great importance to our members and had once again been ignored.

Having considered that NR have stated their intention to implement the pay award, your reps could see no incentive to agree the Olympics Dispute Management and Payment Arrangements. Instead a further meeting has been demanded where we can discuss two major outstanding issues:

An assurance that all bands 5-8 and equivalent staff will get the collectively agreed pay rise.

For too long the company has exploited certain clauses in Role Clarity contracts to penalise individual staff. This year in maintenance they did not even give the agreed pay rise to those who achieved a “good” rating. Network Rail refused to engage on the issue in negotiation meetings with your reps, even when challenged that it was no legal.

A commitment to review terms and conditions of Managed Stations staff.

Our stations members work on some of the worst ts and cs within Network Rail. These staff are crucial to delivering NR’s Olympic plans and it is only fair the company address their long standing grievances.

These demands are about your reps stamping out the worst practices in Network Rail. If we do not support calls for genuine collective bargaining on pay and fair contracts then this gives the company free rein to attack elsewhere!

Olympics Agreement

Maintenance area reps joined the meeting to discuss the proposed Olympics Agreement as NR intend it to cover all bands 5-8 and equivalent grades. The full proposal is included in the document you can download below.

All the reps were frustrated by the woolly wording of the document, especially around the Dispute Management Procedure and the definition of those who will get additional payments. Your reps found it impossible to approve an agreement after no detailed negotiations. In the case of the Maintenance reps – no negotiation at all!

The wording for those who are entitled to payments is:

“Payable only to staff who are working in teams with additional responsibilities where the workload or cover requirements have resulted in working pattern alteration beyond what is normally required, or additional team numbers added.”

Some of the questions we have had no answers to are:

  • If you are supervising a team are you part of the team?
  • If you are supporting a team are you part of the team?
  • What exactly is an additional responsibility?
  • How will a working pattern alternation beyond what is normally required be defined?

While the financial aspects of the proposal are good, your reps cannot agree terms which potentially exclude those TSSA members who will be working well beyond their normal duties to keep the railway running for the Olympic Games.

Network Rail have received a letter requesting further talks on this proposal and there will be more information as soon as we have it.

  Network Rail letter 0605201


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