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Northern (Arriva Rail North): TSSA wins improved pay offer

20 January 2017

TSSA negotiators have won an improved offer for Northern’s non-management staff after the union wrote to the company stating our intention to ballot members for industrial action unless an improved offer was made.

The company has now offered an increase in salaries of 2.2% backdated to 3 April 2016, with a further pay increase on 2 April 2017 of the greater of 2.4% or the Retail Prices Index for January 2017.

The offer is now subject to a referendum ballot of TSSA members in non-management posts. A ballot paper is enclosed with this circular, which members should complete and return to be received by noon on Monday 6 February 2017.

The improved offer was made after months of protracted pay negotiations. Discussions began shortly after Arriva took over the franchise from Abellio in April, when TSSA negotiators demanded that the real terms reduction in the pay of the staff be addressed.

The new German state owned franchise holders responded by stating that the franchise commitment they had signed up to required them to reduce public subsidy and replace that with increased passenger revenue.

TSSA stated that is not prepared to see the salaries of its members squeezed still further as a result of the UK government’s obsession with making cuts in public expenditure, or to enable the company to make profits to be re-patriated to Germany to fund better railways there!

TSSA negotiators are pleased to have achieved progress in protecting and advancing the living standards of TSSA members. However, maintaining pay in the future is likely to be very challenging, and the introduction of new rolling stock and ticketing technology will bring changes to working practices and threats to jobs which the union will have to respond to. This can only be done effectively by increasing TSSA’s membership amongst Northern’s staff, and standing together to ensure that the interests of the staff are defended.

Latest Pay Offer – the Details

The company have submitted the following two-year pay increase:

·       From 3 April 2016: 2.2% 

·       From 2 April 2017: 2.4% or January 2017 Retail Price Index (whichever is greater) 

New loyalty reward scheme:  

£150 high street voucher for all non-manager colleagues who reach 10, 20 and 25 years’ service and every 5 years thereafter. This amount is to be index-linked to January Retail Price Index each year from 2018. This scheme will replace any existing scheme.  

Have Your Say

Your TSSA representatives recommend ACCEPTANCE of this offer as we believe it is the best achievable in the current circumstances and represents a significant improvement on management’s original proposal.

Please use the ballot paper provided to cast your vote, voting YES to ACCEPT the company’s pay offer or NO to REJECT and return it in the envelope provided by noon on Monday 6 February 2017. If you require any further information on the pay negotiations outlined above or any other issues, please email me on

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