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Stena Line: Management Briefings

22 April 2013

On Wednesday 10th April your TSSA representatives attended a briefing session organised by Michael Ambrose (Head of HR, UK & Ireland) and his HR team.


This was part of a series of management briefing sessions that have taken place with all the trade unions within the past fortnight.The content of the talk concerned the changes that have already started taking place and will continue to be rolled out across the business over the next couple of months. In order to restructure it by 2015 so that it can be in a position to achieve its vision of becoming ‘Europe’s Leading Low Cost Ferry Operator’ by 2017.

Mr Ambrose and his team talked frankly and openly and answered all our questions as candidly and as fully as they possibly could at this stage. There will be significant changes across the network over the next few months which are likely to impact on all departments in some way.

The company have produced a number of short videos available to watch on the Stena Line Intranet site. These outline the proposed general strategy and the reasons why these changes are taking place. It is in the interest of all members to watch these videos to gain a greater understanding of what is happening. Whilst the company have been open and candid up to a certain point there has been an overall lack of detail on the proposed changes. When these are forthcoming, full consultation with the union will take place.

It is vital at a time like this that all staff are members of the TSSA, if you know of any colleagues yet to join the TSSA please encourage them to do so. They can join online at:


TSSA Reps in Stena Line



Donald Mcharrie: / 01776889081

Ian Lightbody: / 07526726332


Andrew Williams: / 07742884239


Chris Garnon: / 01348404471

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