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Alignment of Terms and Conditions - Dispute Looms

24 June 2012

Your reps had a further meeting with Thales on the alignment of terms and conditions on 20 June.

 At this meeting the company again failed to engage on the counter proposals put forward by your reps and instead attempted to further explain the company's reasoning behinf the project as a whole. Click here to see the previous information on the counter proposals.

This was not apositive step considering talks have been ongoing for over six weeks. 

It was put to your reps that this project was a matter of "fairness". This argument was rejected as it was not seen to be fair to seek to remove long-standing terms and conditions with no meaningful negotiation with employees.

Thales also put forward proposals for compensation for on call, shift and overtime payments. Your reps did not see these as adequate as they did not assess the actual loss of pay and would decline to zero after three years.

Because of the continuing lack of movement form the company the TSSA has written to Thales to seek meaningful progress on the issues on redundancy, annual levae and overtime and shift payments. If these assurances are not received by the end of 25 June then your union with be in dispute with Thales over the alignement project.

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