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Thank you for your support

4 February 2015

TSSA wishes to thank the many manager members who recently engaged in our recent phone survey.


Over a period of roughly a month we managed to have a conversation with over half of our manager members.

There was not one member that supported FGW’s move to derecognise TSSA for managers!

TSSA reps are encouraged that despite FGW’s campaign of disinformation, our manager members see the value of being in an independent union that strives to protect and improve their rights.

Do you support our campaign?

Yes - 99% of surveyed members stressed to us how important it is that we continue to persuade FGW to reverse their decision to derecognise TSSA for the management grade.

Despite FGW’s accusations that TSSA is “combative and adversarial” some members told us that we were too timid and that we should have immediately balloted members for  industrial action!

Are you willing to get active in our campaign?

Yes - 85% of the members we spoke to said that they are willing to demonstrate their loyalty to TSSA by getting actively involved in our campaign. We are asking members to  discuss the issues with their colleagues, to increase the strength of the union by asking colleagues to join, and to consider becoming a TSSA rep or take on another union role.

Are you afraid of the Company’s behaviour and intentions?

Yes - 73% of those spoken to indicated that they feel that they are operating in a climate of fear. A significant number stated that they do not speak up about issues through fear of the consequences.

By denying managers the right to be collectively represented by TSSA, the company has clearly heightened this feeling amongst managers, and this will obviously undermine morale and the ability of the company to succeed in the future.

Would you consider taking industrial action as part of our campaign?

Yes - 80% of those surveyed indicated that they would support industrial action if it should prove to be necessary.

TSSA is still hopeful that FGW will change its position and retain the current voluntary collective bargaining agreement. However, the belligerent attitude displayed by FGW and the company’s snubbing of ACAS when that organisation offered FGW their assistance seems to suggest FGW is prepared for confrontation.


TSSA wants to engage with FGW and address our differences in a professional manner within the framework of a collective bargaining agreement. If FGW goes ahead and ends the current agreement, there will be no formal arrangements for TSSA to discuss issues affecting our manager members, and the only way then to get FGW to the table will be for TSSA to threaten or indeed take industrial action, a position the union does not favour.

TSSA Representative elections

Since the current collective bargaining agreement is still in place, and elections for our manager rep positions are due, TSSA has decided it is ‘business as usual’ and has called for nominations.

Members are urged to consider standing for these important representative positions and in doing so demonstrate that TSSA is truly representative of FGW managers and is a democratic organisation.

Please note that nominations close on Thursday 18 February!

So don’t delay get your form in today! As a TSSA representative you will be afforded full training, support and development and we can assure you that the role is both rewarding and challenging in equal measures.

What can I do to help?

Keep yourself and colleagues up to date with current issues by circulating TSSA communications, and printing them and displaying on noticeboards. Check out the twitter account @TSSAunion and the Facebook page

Email Tim O’Toole, CEO of First Group objecting to First Group’s decision to derecognise TSSA for FGW managers – see the TSSA website:  

TSSA wants to be truly representative of the FGW managers. To make that a reality, it is important that more managers join TSSA, play their part, and have their say! Please talk to your colleagues about the importance of being a member of TSSA if they are not  members already - they can join online at

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