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Unipart Rail (Infrastructure) – Pay Discussions 2013

15 April 2013

As you will be aware TSSA has been involved in protracted pay talks this year with the company. Following a number of intensive meetings, Unipart have made a modified final offer on the pay award.


The offer is:

A 1.5% pensionable increase on all basic rates of pay and allowances and a one off ex-gratia payment of 1% of basic salary’


A 2% pensionable increase on all basic rates of pay and allowances

Both TSSA and UNITE have agreed to put this offer out to ballot by their respective members. You have a choice to vote for either of the above offers, or to reject both offers. A rejection of both options will lead to an industrial action ballot which may mean strike action taking place. If either of the above offers are accepted this increase will be backdated to 1st January 2013. Please note the majority view in the ballot will be paid to all employees covered by the company collective bargaining agreement.

Any issues around the sick-pay year have been withdrawn by the company.

The pay talks this year have taken place against a background of a difficult negotiating environment due to the effects of the ongoing severe recession. The company have communicated their difficulties via presentations and team briefs in the workplace. Major contracts are available but competition is severe in the rail sector in which Unipart Rail operates. Price bids for those contracts by Unipart Rail have to be cost effective against your competitors with customers such as Network Rail, who are also mindful of costs in the current recession. Notwithstanding the difficulties faced by the company the unions have been successful in negotiating a pay increase this year, without any other issues being included.

TSSA believes that acceptance of either of the pay increase options are the best we can achieve through the negotiation process, we strongly urge our membership to accept one of the two increase options. We do not believe that the consideration of industrial action would be beneficial for our members. The impact on the business would also have an affect our members employment prospects if future and current contacts were impacted in any way.

Due to time pressures on both the company and the unions, TSSA will hold its ballot by email. To express your choice please email me at by Wednesday 24th April specifying your preference on either option or rejection of both. All received emails will be checked to ensure that the person is entitled to vote as both a current TSSA member and employed within the relevant bargaining group.

Become a rep

TSSA have been involved in a number of significant changes within Unipart this year including TUPE consultations, pension consultations and these pay talks. Unfortunately these consultations and talks, have taken place without a permanent TSSA rep present. As a union we are stronger and able to represent your views better when there is a workplace rep as part of the negotiating team.

Being a union rep is a rewarding and exciting role. TSSA provides all your training and support and you are entitled to paid time off from your usual work role to carry out your trade union duties. Having good TSSA reps is essential for your voice to be heard. Without our reps on the ground we can’t reflect your views. Reps are often the first point of contact for colleagues who need help or information. They provide a link between staff and their employers, and connect members to the support that is available through the union. If you are interested in becoming a rep or would like to discuss the role please contact me on or the TSSA Helpdesk on 0800 3282673.

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