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Virgin sees sense and backs down over new uniforms

17 May 2013

Following pressure from TSSA and the other unions, Virgin Trains today backed down and agreed that they would not be proceeding with the planned implementation of the proposed new uniform.


At today’s (Friday 17 May) meeting, union reps complained about numerous problems, especially those relating to the transparency of womens’ blouses. They also pointed out that garments are ill fitting and made from poor quality materials, and some are not suitable for staff working outside in cold weather. There have also been problems with distribution.

The company blamed the uncertainties created by the refranchising process for the inadequate trial of the new uniform. They acknowledged claims made by the representatives that for operational staff the new uniforms were not fit for purpose, and alterations to the uniforms would not solve the problem.

Subject to further discussions next week there will now be a proper trial of new uniform clothing involving your staff reps.

Today’s welcome news was achieved because staff and their unions stood together and made it clear that they would not wear Virgin’s cheap and nasty new clothing, especially given Virgin's hype over new airline uniforms designed by Vivienne Westwood. TSSA women members in particular should be congratulated on their firm stand against having to wear transparent clothing which undermined their dignity.

If Virgin can afford designer uniforms for their airline staff, they can afford decent uniforms for their rail staff!

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