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24 June 2011

Support Zimbabwe Vigil


On 27 June Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA) will mark the third anniversary of the fateful 2008 presidential ‘run-off’ election with a lunchtime vigil, outside the Zimbabwe Embassy. It will remember all those who were raped, tortured and beaten in 2008, as Mugabe’s Zanu PF party attempted to create a climate of fear so great, they would retain their stranglehold on power. ACTSA will present the Embassy with over 1,000 cards, attached to bunches of roses, calling for an end to violence and for free and fair elections. Roses are often used by women’s groups in Zimbabwe as a symbol of peaceful protest.

In recent months the people of Zimbabwe have experienced a surge in violence and repression, since Mugabe speculated there may soon be elections in the country. Civil society leaders, politicians and supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change have been targeted by Zanu PF and their supporters in the security forces.

ACTSA is fearful that Zimbabwe will descend into the level of violence that took place before 27 June 2008, when Morgan Tsvangari was forced to pull out of the Presidential run off as Zanu PF supporters led a brutal and orchestrated campaign of rape and violence throughout the country.

The vigil will be attended by ACTSA supporters, members of the Zimbabwean diaspora and trade unionists.


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