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A big nail in coffin of British train building, warns TSSA

14 June 2013

The decision to award Siemens the £1.6 billion contract for Thameslink trains is "a big nail in the coffin" of British train building, the TSSA rail union said today.

It attacked the Government's award of front runner status to the German company which raises questions over the long term future of Bombardier in Derby.

"David Cameron's view about our railway industry seems to be that he is happy to let anyone run it, as long as they are not British," said general secretary Manuel Cortes.

"The state owned German and French railways can run our private rail franchises and now the Germans can build our trains. Meanwhile the very future of our last remaining train building firm hangs in the balance in Derby.

"He keeps talking about Britain and British workers winning the global race. It doesn't help us if he then gives our competitors a head start at the expense of our own workers.

"The very reason that the Germans and the French still build trains is because their state owned railways award their contracts to local firms. David Cameron should take note and do the same."

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