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A big thank you to our tube members

8 December 2010

The TSSA would again like to thank all of our members who alongside their RMT colleagues took effective strike action on 28/29 November to defend jobs, our terms and conditions and the safety of the tube.

So despite the freezing weather and bullying tactics of LUL, worker solidarity again managed to close down 100 stations and at least part suspend all lines. We demonstrated once again that we are not prepared to pay for the current financial crisis with our jobs and the safety of the tube system.

A small seasonal thank you from TSSA members

The current action being taken by TSSA members in LUL is historic. This is the first time since 1926 that TSSA members employed on the underground have taken strike action.

However, the fight for jobs and a safe tube service has not come without cost. The TSSA recently launched a national appeal to all members to help support the LUL members in the run up to the festive season. With the money raised and on behalf of all TSSA members we would like to say thank you and give all striking LUL workers a small gift for Christmas.

To help us arrange ordering and delivery we have set up a register. To register follow the link If you don’t have access to the web, then please phone our helpdesk on 0800 3282673

Update on industrial action

There will be no more strike action taken between now and New Year. We have taken this decision so as to not disrupt passengers’ festive season and to give LUL the opportunity to demonstrate some Christmas good will.

However, should LUL not use this opportunity to sit down with the unions and resolve the dispute, then we will have to consider the prospect of escalating Industrial action in the New Year.

So make sure you have a chat to your rep about what you think should happen next.

**Please note that the ban on overtime still stands**

Have LUL put passengers at risk during the tube strike?

Following numerous reports of serious safety breaches your Functional Safety Reps have arranged to meet with the Office of Rail Regulation. To discuss our concerns about alleged safety breaches that took place during planned industrial action.

Just in case the job losses were not enough LUL’s is also attempting to wind back key safety policies, that were put in place as a result of passenger fatalities.

If you have any information or safety concerns then please contact Bernard Gentry at]

Students all over the country are engaged in a campaign against the ConDem’s move to increase tuition fees by 300%.

Locally we have been forging links with students involved in the occupation at University College London. These inspirational students have met your local Functional Reps and on the last strike day came out in force to leaflet passengers at Euston station. TSSA general secretary also spoke at a meeting at the occupation, and our training officer Jon Clark prepared a mapping exercise for the students.

These disputes are not just about individual jobs and employers, they are about ordinary people being asked to pay the cost of a financial crisis they had no part in causing.

However, if we all work together we can generate sufficient pressure on this government to withdraw its cuts agenda.

The story to date:

Before the last strike date your union put forward a proposal to resolve the dispute, which had it been accepted would have allowed us to suspend the planned industrial action. TSSA’s position statement is available on this website.

Essentially we were seeking a suspension to the implementation of ‘OSP,’ so as to allow a more detailed review of all our concerns. LUL would only talk if we suspended industrial action, but refused to suspend the implementation of the OSP. In other words we would be giving them more time to prepare the implementation but they would not give us meaningful talks. Last week TSSA wrote to LUL seeking a return to negotiations. We are still awaiting a response to this request.

Can the tube strikes bring down the Mayor?

Pressure on Mayor Boris Johnson is mounting, yet still he refuses to meet either the TSSA or RMT.

It is time that Boris Johnson stepped up and put pressure on LUL to resolve the dispute for the benefit of all Londoners. He is the Head of the TfL Board after all!

Help us put pressure on Boris Johnson by encouraging friends and family to complete the
- TSSA survey and
- sign up to our on-line petition:

Publicise these on your facebook or other groups.

Get involved

- LUL are attempting to block TSSA email communication. Lets be prepared for such moves. Email with your personal email and mobile today.
- Become a station contact and help improve communication on your group. Email] your details.
- Pass this newsletter on to others in your station.
- Not in the union? Join today, download a form from this website.

For more information on the dispute or how you can
get involved please contact your local rep or email].

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