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A Fair Deal for Station Staff?

13 September 2012

Your reps have been fighting for decent conditions for managed stations staff for six years. A fair and consistent national agreement is now in sight!

 Download our latest newsletter here:    Fair Deal for Station Staff Newsletter 130912

Our last newsletter set out negotiating items for the managed stations working group. Following two days of constructive talks with management your reps are confident that we are close to a set of T&Cs to address the injustices facing managed stations staff around the country.

Draft Proposal

There was consensus within the working group that customer service assistants should have a 35 hour base roster of Monday to Saturday, with Sundays outside the working week. Rostering principles and enhancements should follow those used by signallers, with clear guidelines to ensure consistent interpretation.

Stepping in the Right Direction

Both sides of the working group are confident that agreed procedures will be in place from April 2013. We have much to achieve in the meantime. Draft proposals should be put to National Operations Council (NOC) for approval by mid-October. We will then reconvene the working group on 31 October to revise the papers, negotiate costs and provide clarifications to ensure that progress cannot be undone by local misinterpretation. In the meantime, we need to ensure that we have strong membership and representation should talks break down. After six years of fighting to get where we are now, we can’t assume thatyour reps will win the best terms without a well organised visible union membership behind them. We must be prepared for further struggles ahead!

Abolishing Injustices!

If the proposals are adopted, CSAs would see the following improvements:

  • Monday – Saturday 35 hour week
  • No more 10% “emergency” hours
  • An end to “banked hours”
  • Sunday working to be voluntary
  • Enhancements for additional shifts (e.g. 150% for sundays, 125% for rest day working)
  • Overtime pay will replace banked hours for staff working above 35 hours a week
  • Rosters will be subject to local negotiations

Your Union Needs You!

If you haven’t completed our confidential survey, please spare a couple of minutes to give your support:

Please forward this newsletter to your colleagues, distribute copies in mess rooms and noticeboards and encourage your colleagues to join online. We need every CSA to support the fight for decent conditions. It’s your union, your reps are fighting for real improvements, support them by ensuring your colleagues complete the survey and get involved!


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