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Abellio Awarded East Midlands Franchise

10 April 2019

Responding to news that Dutch rail operator Abellio has been awarded the East Midlands railway franchise, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

 "Continuing to award franchises simply drains money out of the public purse that would be better used to invest in our train services rather than going as profits into the bank account of the Dutch Government who own Abellio. Sadly, the Tories continue to ignore all expert economic sense which says our railways would benefit by being brought back into public ownership.


"But it is an outrage that Failing Grayling's latest rearranging of the deck chairs will do nothing whatsoever to benefit passengers. Not for nothing is the Secretary of State renowned for his incompetence. Awarding this franchise to a Company which is failing in both Scotland and Greater Anglia is yet another, of his many, derelictions from duty."

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