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Abellio is 'best' at is breaking records in failure - Cortes

3 May 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has lambasted Scotland's Transport Minister - Michael Matheson - after ScotRail recorded its worst performance since the current franchise began.

Manuel Cortes said “Sadly this will come as no surprise to ScotRail’s commuters. They already know that the only thing they can rely on ScotRail for is delays, cancellations and overcrowding.

“So much for the claim to be ‘building the best railway Scotland has ever had’. The only thing Abellio is best at is breaking new records in failure.

“It is beyond comprehension that four years into a franchise contract worth £7billion Abellio are still getting away with it. Michael Matheson appears to be in a race to the bottom with Chris Failing Grayling to be crowned the worst Transport Secretary of the UK.

“The truth that everyone but the SNP have acknowledged is that Abellio aren’t up to the job of running our railway. The only question left is what it will take to get Matheson to admit it.”

ScotRail has recorded its worst performance since the current franchise began, according to new statistics.

The latest Public Performance Measure Moving Annual Average (PPM MAA) is 87.2 per cent.

The PPM is the percentage of booked services which arrive within 5 minutes of their booked arrival time, having called at all booked stations on the route.

The target PPM MAA in the franchise is 92.5 per cent.  

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