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ACAS Tube talks fail to make progress

4 January 2017

TSSA members on London Underground are set to take strike a the weekend after another round of talks with London Underground (LU) at Advice & Conciliation Advisory Service (ACAS) have again failed to make any progress to resolve our dispute about severe ongoing and increasing dangerous understaffing of the Tube following the 800 job cuts made by London's Tory Mayor, Boris Johnson, shortly before he left office in May last year.

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, who attended today's talks said:

"Disappointingly, ACAS talks were adjourned at lunchtime today without any real progress. Talks are due to resume tomorrow, but at present, it doesn't appear that London Underground (LU) is serious about resolving the grave issues underpinning this dispute. Their complete lack of urgency tells its own story.

"We need a significant increase in staff numbers, in the hundreds, just to be back in a position where our Tube can be operated safely and securely, and where station closures are no longer the norm. The reality is that LU management are currently wasting millions on overtime and other payments to keep stations open when it's cheaper and safer to simply employ more staff. This is the economics of the mad house".

"Our Negotiating Team remains available and willing to engage in constructive talks to settle this dispute. However, if LU are serious about ensuring the safe and effective operation of one the world’s largest underground networks, then they must come along to ACAS tomorrow with clear plans of when and how they intend to restore adequate staffing levels to our Tube. We will keep talking to LU over the weekend, if that is what it takes to avert Sunday's strike action, but to make that happen LU urgently need to up their game".

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