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Admin Support Grades Pay Award 2011

23 March 2011

TSSA has received a response to our claim for improvements to pay and other terms and conditions of employment for ASG members.

TSSA had drawn to Southeastern’s attention the fact that this group of staff is essential to the smooth and efficient running of the company. Also over recent years our ASG members considered that Southeastern had not held them in as high regard as other groups of employees.

The company have made a final offer with the total value of the overall pot worth 4%. This 4% pot will be distributed as set out in the table below with the amount awarded depending on what performance grading an individual received:

| Grade | Percentage Increase | Percentage of ASG grades |
| A | 5.25% | 21% |
| B | 4.25% | 41.5% |
| C | 3.25% | 33% |
| D | 1.5% | 5% |
| E | 0.00% | 0.5% |

This award is higher than a recent award for a similar group of employees of another employer in the South East of England. It was confirmed that any changes agreed to core terms and conditions (annual leave, paternity, maternity leave etc) resulting from negotiations covering staff with a 1st April anniversary date would be applied to the ASG grades also.

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