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All Aboard For Middle Class Passengers Only

16 August 2011

Gerry Doherty, leader of the TSSA rail union, warned that Ministers were turning the railways into a system on which only the middle classes would be able to afford to travel.

Speaking at the Fair Fares demo at Waterloo, he said today's 8% increase would mean fares rising by up to 25% by 2014.

"In mainland Europe, there are publicly owned socially inclusive railways with affordable fares for everyone.

"Here Ministers seem determined to create a system which will exclude countless families, the elderly and the young who will not be able to pay these outrageous increases over the next three years.

"The taxpayer will still have to fork out £4 billion a year for a system that many will simply not be able to afford to use."

TSSA members carried placards at the demo accusing the Lib Dems of betraying passengers by back tracking on their manifesto commitment last year to cut fares.


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