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Alstom West Coast Pay 2011 & 2012

19 September 2011

Your TSSA representatives have met with the company on a number of occasions in the preceding months to discuss pay for 2011 and 2012.


The full and final offer made by the company is the following:


· 1 April 2011: 3% on basic salaries.

· 1 April 2012: RPI + 0.5% on basic salaries with 2.5% base and 3.5% ceiling.

· Both years include commensurate increase in London weighting and drivers allowance.

· Red circled staff to receive half the pay award in both years.

· A one off pay award of £400 to maintain availability at the required level through the Olympics and Paralympic Games to be paid on the first available payroll after the Paralympic Games have closed in September 2012.

· Depot Drivers agreement extended to 31 March 2013 in line with this offer.

· Agreement to review the sickness/absence policy with the commitment to tighten controls, this will be achieved by a Joint Working Party who will report back to the JCC within three months of this agreement being signed. The working party will also review the booking of annual leave as defined in the Engineering Grades Restructuring Agreement.

The offer is applicable to employees covered by collective agreements, i.e. Engineering and Professional Support Grades (PSG). It is backdated until 1 April 2011, the anniversary date, and covers the period through to 31 March 2013. Your negotiating team believe it is the best that can be achieved and the company have stated that further negotiation will not take place. If in the event of a rejection of this offer, then the next step in the process will be to ballot for strike action.

Your representatives recommend that you accept this offer.

A referendum ballot paper has been sent to all members within the bargaining group, please vote to either accept or reject the offer and return your ballot paper in the pre - paid envelope by first post on Friday 30th September 2011.

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