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Amey: 2012 Pay Survey

7 February 2012

Call for member's views on 2012 pay.

 2012 Pay

Collective bargaining was a big issue for TSSA in 2011 and still remains the case in 2012. Whilst we succeeded and won collective bargaining rights for all A-C grades within Amey Consulting Rail there are still some of our members especially in Amey Inter Urban Rail who do not have these rights and we are still seeking an extension of these bargaining rights with the company.

If you work in Amey Inter Urban Rail and haven’t yet completed our survey on collective bargaining then please do so here.

As in past years we are writing to seek your views on our priorities for the 2012 pay negotiations to enable us to submit a Pay claim reflecting your aspirations.

You can do this on our survey here.

Please encourage your colleagues who are TSSA members to complete the survey by 29 February 2012.

If you have colleagues who want their opinions known but aren’t members then please encourage them to join and have their say. They can do this online.


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