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Amey: All Rail Company council Follow up

14 March 2013

Update on the outcomes from the January Company Council meeting

Update on Year 2’s pay rise

As you may remember last year we negotiated a 2 year pay rise and for the 2nd year the pay rise was to be 2.5% or the Amey Pay pot which ever was greater paid from 1 March 2013. We have recently received confirmation that the Amey Pay pot was 1.75% and therefore the pay rise for 2013 will be 2.5%. If you are aware of anyone elsewhere in Amey receiving more than 2.5% or have issues around last year’s pay award or allowances not being properly paid then please advise your local representative immediately or email


In our last update we advised that the company was seeking to undermine the collective bargaining agreement by removing the ITS group thus preventing them from receiving the same pay increase as their colleagues. We have now had confirmation in writing from the company that this group will remain within the collectively bargained group and will receive the backdated pay rise for 2012 in their March pay. This issue shows how important it is for us to stick together and stand firm in situations that are unfair and unjust to be able to do this effectively we need to be strong please encourage non-members to join us.

Breach of pay agreement

We advised that we had raised concerns around Apprentices and trainees in CEFA not receiving a pay rise due to them starting work after 1 March 2012. So far we have yet to receive any feedback from the company on this issue and we have therefore written to them on this and many other issues to seek a positive outcome, since writing we have been offered dates to meet so will advise you of the outcome. In the meantime we’ve become aware of Apprentices needing PPE to attend Duke of Edinburgh training and being told that they need to pay for this themselves, we’ve again raised this with the company and advised that the company should pay for this. In what is National Apprentice week we are hoping that Amey ensures that you get what you are entitled to.

Allowances Working party

A meeting took place on 1 February 2013 but the data that we had requested to be able to deal with the allowances had not been provided either before or during this meeting. Concentration was given to the issues around Travel time; therefore little progress was made on the issue of allowances, we have written to the company requesting a further meeting and for the data to be provided. 


Since out meeting in January we have received reports from members who have been asked to attend speed awareness courses, there are concerns that this may have a detrimental impact on their car insurance premiums. Unfortunately the company have never outlined the fact that they planned to roll out this training or indeed why they were choosing to do this. After many years of raising issues regarding Master naught enough is enough we have outlined in writing that we consider ourselves to be in dispute regarding the lack of meaningful consultation on this subject. If you have concerns or objections to the use of Masternaught then please raise these through your representative or email

Hand Held devices

In CEFA the company have been keen to roll out the use of hand held devices to schedule work and for Examiners to create reports on the structures that they examine. We have requested sight of the relevant risk assessments for this work as we believe that this should have been carried out in advance of using these devices or providing staff training on their use. We have recently had a letter from the company advising that this risk assessment is only in the process of being carried out and that data used from their use has been used to determine productivity which suggests some form of time and motion study. As this has not been consulted we have written to advise the company that we are in dispute regarding these devices.

Use of Contract Labour

We have re-raised Amey’s use of contract labour and highlighted that their model of providing an end to end service isn’t being upheld. We have heard reports from Scotland that overtime has been cancelled without consulting your TSSA representatives and we will be raising this as part of the overall issue. Again if you have been affected negatively the use of contractors please let us know at

What next

As always we will seek to update you on the outcomes of any meetings that we hold with the company. We are conscious that there may be issues that you feel are important but have not been raised in the above circular and we would encourage you to speak to your local rep or email us at

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