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Amey: CEFA contract proposed changes and handheld/tablet update

26 February 2015

Below is an update on the outcome of the referendum on payments for additional duties and out of hours COSS work in CEFA and on the proposed introduction of handheld tablet devices for the use of detailed examinations.


Referendum results

We asked members to vote on two proposals which they did as follows:

HCE, Level 0 and RVI proposals – 69.44% of those who voted did so to accept

COSS payment proposal – 64.91% of those who voted did so to accept

Therefore we have written to the company outlining our acceptance of the deal but included the anonymised responses from those who rejected the offer as many raised concerns around the amount of the payments, the level of commitment and various other issues which we felt were important to pass on to Amey. We have requested to review these at the next meeting with the company especially in light of the COSS proposal requiring 75% commitment when we haven’t achieved 75% support for the offer.

Whilst we explained in our last communication the proposals were not as good as your representatives had hoped but they at least prevent a situation where additional duties have been given to members without any form of recompense. Please continue to feedback to your reps on any issues that you have regarding the work or payments as with all things new there may be issues that we haven’t foreseen that will need addressed with the introduction of these payments.

Handheld/Tablet device

Amey has been keen to introduce a tablet device for use on detailed examinations and has been conducting trials which TSSA were supposed to be fully included in.

Recently Amey have written to us to arrange a close out meeting on this trial and are pushing ahead with organising a meeting to do this despite TSSA’s full time officer being on leave whilst the meeting is due to take place. TSSA has raised concerns throughout the trial and do not feel that we have received satisfactory responses to these or adequate information to justify the role out of the device. We have concerns over:

· The robustness of the risk assessment of the device

· Lack of assurances on provision of welfare facilities’ as a result of longer time spent on site

· Lack of consideration of the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) legislation being built into the risk assessment

· Whether the device and software are fit for purpose

· Lack of secure commitment on job security

· Lack of an offer for payment on the introduction of new technology

Furthermore we have concerns that your elected reps have been prevented from fully participating in the trial to the extent that none of them have been able to test the device whilst completing a detailed exam!

Depending on how Amey proceed we may need to seek your feedback on what we do if Amey seek to introduce this device before it is ready. We will provide an update on any meetings that take place in the next few weeks.

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