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Amey: CEFA contract proposed changes update

5 February 2015

We wrote to you back in August to update you on the negotiations that have been ongoing around proposed changes to your duties to include HCE, Level 0, and RVI work. You will be pleased to know that we have made some progress since that time and we are in a position gauge your feedback which includes an offer on COSS payments out of normal working time (evenings and weekends). We would have preferred for the COSS payments to also be paid during the week on day shifts but Amey were not prepared to offer this so we aren’t able to go as far as recommending this offer to members. However we want to gauge your opinion on whether you feel that this offer is good enough.


Amey’s Proposals

As you will know we have been in negotiations with Amey for many months and have got to a stage where Amey aren’t willing to move further on their offer (Any of the underlined links below can be accessed on line at and clicking on the web version of this circular):

· HCE, Level 0 and RVI work proposal

Amey have clarified for the above proposal that any of this work that has already been carried out by you in the past should be backdated to the beginning of CP5. Those examiners conducting this work who sign off the report will receive £35 per shift (an increase from the original £25 offered and amendments that mean there will be more scenarios where this will be paid) – we strongly encourage you to refer to the full document for details

· COSS payment proposal

In addition to the above we have managed to secure an offer for those that carry out COSS duties in CEFA, CAFA, OPI and Earthworks on evenings or weekends who will receive an additional £50 per shift. We have also secured assurances around offering training to others who so far don’t have the COSS competencies, although there may have to be limits the number of people who can do this – please refer to the full document for details. We had hoped to secure agreement to pay the COSS payments for midweek day shifts as we felt that this would still provide Amey with a saving on sub contract labour but they haven’t been prepared to offer this. This is why we weren’t in a position to recommend this deal but rather want to gauge members feelings on whether the overall deal is good enough to accept or whether you want us to continue negotiations?

Time for you to vote

As above we need as many of you to have your say on whether the above proposals are acceptable or not. Whilst we are recommending this offer to you the final decision is yours so please ensure that you ALL vote online to tell us whether you accept these offers and demonstrate to your reps that you appreciate their work:

Please respond before 9am on Thursday 19 February 2015 so that we can let Amey know your views when we meet with them that week. If you have any questions then please contact your local or lead rep for further advice or assistance these are as follows:

Name of Rep (s)



William Murray

Graham Whiteford


Patricia Massop

Azhar Memhmood


Dave Merrett

Matt Slater


Tarnia Wilson

Enzo Carrubba


Colin Savage

Jim Mckinney

South East

We realise that the role of those working in CEFA, CAFA, OPI & Earthworks is not an easy one and whilst these talks have taken some time to come to fruition we hope that you can see the work that your TSSA representatives have put in to secure the best deal possible. Without a strong trade union membership being present in conjunction with the collective bargaining agreements that you all fought for and won several years ago this kind of deal wouldn’t have been possible and you could have been in a situation where nothing was on offer for carrying out these additional duties. Therefore to maintain our strength we need your assistance to recruit non-members and explain why they need to join to add to your voice, they can do this at Whilst we haven’t achieved everything that we might have hoped for we hope that you appreciate the work that has been carried out on your behalf but as always if you have any questions, queries or concerns then feel free to feed these back to your workplace representatives.

Thank you to members who took the time to complete our original survey and for passing on feedback to your reps on the proposals. We cannot stress how important you have been in assisting us to improve the offers made by Amey and how we need your input now.

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