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Amey Consulting: Consulting Rail Company Council

27 October 2011

Update on the meeting with the company on 21 October 2011.

Quarterly meetings

TSSA met with the Business Director and HR representatives on 21 October on behalf of members within Amey Consulting Rail. A variety of issues were covered ranging from Pay, Pensions, Health & Safety issues and whilst this circular won’t cover everything discussed in detail, it seeks to give members a flavour of the types of issues raised. You will then have the ability to feed into these meetings by suggesting new topics or even allowing you to challenge why we are raising various topics. In future the minutes of these meetings will be available after they have been agreed (generally after the following meeting) and will be available upon request from your representative or via notice boards.

If you don’t have a union notice board in your office then please let us know so that we can arrange for one to be allocated and organise for someone to update it, if you’d like to volunteer to do this then contact us

Matters Arising from May’s meeting

Of particular note we raised concerns about some company vehicles not having an up to date MOT certificate. If you are driving a company vehicle and are unsure if it has an up to date MOT certificate please request proof of the car having been MOT’D before driving it. If caught driving a vehicle without one YOU may be liable receive up to a £1000 fine and without a valid MOT certificate the vehicles insurance may be invalidated and you could face the cost of any accidents you have whilst driving it.


Following on from TSSA’s dispute and the subsequent increase in the pay offer we raised queries about when this will be paid and also requested that individuals be provided with a letter detailing the increases both to basic pay and to regional allowances. The company advised that those within collective bargaining who are paid on a 4 weekly basis will receive their backdated pay increase on 4th November and those who are paid on a monthly basis will be paid at the end of November 2011. For those without Collective bargaining in the X-Atkins & x- Mouchel Parkman groups who are entitled to the 2% backdated to April 2010 this will be paid at the same time.

TSSA also raised the fact that annual pay on payslips has been removed as some members had queried this. HR had to come back to us on this issue but in an email they have explained that this was due to mainly individuals on low wages who were on a Dual contract. For these individuals there were anomalies on their overall annual salary figure on their payslip where it showed far more than they actually earn. This was impacting on claims being made for benefits. TSSA has responded asking why this problem couldn’t be rectified for those individuals rather than removing annual pay from everyone’s pay slips, we are concerned this may hamper claims other members may wish to make such as mortgage applications. We will update you on the response once received.


For those of you in the railway pensions scheme in the Owen Williams section we asked for an up to date valuation report from the tri annual review. This valuation report gives an indication of the funding levels of the scheme and as there is no pensions committee for this section TSSA and staff in general don’t have any transparency as to how the scheme is being managed. Unfortunately it seems the valuation hasn’t yet been agreed between Amey and the trustees of the scheme. TSSA have been asking for several years for the company to set up a pensions committee to oversee this scheme and so far the company have refused. At the last meeting we suggested that the Company investigated having 1 pensions committee to cover both the Owen Williams and the Amey Rail Section (for staff in Amey Inter Urban). Thus sharing the burden of cost for running the committee between the two sections, to be clear we proposed this on the basis of keeping the 2 schemes separate. We will keep you updated on any progress in this regard.

Health & Safety Committee

Again TSSA have been seeking to encourage Amey to set up a Health & Safety committee for several years with a focus on improving your working conditions and improving safety. Earlier in the year the company moved forward on this by seeking to set up a Target Zero Safety Action Group. So far a number of volunteers have come forward to participate in the group but there are not yet enough volunteers to set up the originally planned structure. An initial meeting will be planned in the coming weeks with the volunteers that have come forward. TSSA believe it is best to have individuals on this forum that are accredited union health & safety representatives with independent training from either TSSA or the TUC (Trade union congress). If you have volunteered for the committee and are interested in receiving this training or if you would like to get involved please contact us

Masternaut (Vehicle Tracking Devices)

TSSA raised concerns around individuals being given warnings regarding speeding as a result of the data captured from Masternaut. One example included an individual being flagged for speeding when Masternaut had the wrong speed limit information i.e. thinking someone was in a 50 mile an hour speed zone when it was actually 60. The company advised that no one in Amey Consulting has been disciplined since Masternaught had been introduced. TSSA have requested information on how Masternaught has improved safety since being implemented and we hope to receive more information from the company before January’s meeting.

Lokate Devices (Wristwatch Tracking devices)

The company expressed their concerns that they hadn’t been able to implement and roll out the Lokate devices across the company so far. TSSA again expressed concerns that if the current processes in place for lone working aren’t being adhered to then this is where the company should be concentrating first before implementing something as contentious as these individual trackers. TSSA agreed to encourage members to use the current lone working policies and regularly phone into their line manager to advise where they are.

If you regularly work alone and you are unclear about the current lone working procedure then you should ask your manager for a copy and make sure you use the policy as written. If you have any concerns or queries about this or the Lokate devices or would be interested in representing your colleagues on Health & Safety matters such as the Lokate device or lone working then please contact your rep or email us

Office moves – No Consultation

TSSA raised the issue of Office moves taking place without any prior consultation with the union. Moves that we have been made aware of are:

Lewes, Manchester, Doncaster

Whilst the company will be sending us information on these moves we are interested to hear from you and your perspective on these moves and if there are any negative implications for you. Please contact us

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