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Amey Consulting: Owen Williams Railway Pensions Scheme

31 October 2012

Information on your Annual statement for those within the Owen Williams Railway Pensions Scheme (RPS)


Annual Statement

Members have recently been reporting inaccuracies in their Annual pensions statement where those staff that have ‘Protected Status’ within the RPS have received statements stating the opposite.

Your representatives have raised this with the company and the information that they have received from RPMI who manage the Railway pension’s scheme is that they are aware of the printing Error and plan to reissue these within the next 2 weeks with the correct information and a covering letter. They advised that member’s individual pension records remain unaffected and are up to date and accurate.

Do I need to do anything

It appears that RPMI are aware of the issues and doing what they can to rectify it, if you have received an incorrect statement and fail to receive an amended one after 2-3 weeks we would advise you to contact RPMI direct. Details on how to contact them can be obtained via their website:

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