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Amey Consulting Rail: CEFA issues

14 August 2013

Update for members working on the Civil Engineering Framework Agreement (CEFA) and call for your input to talks with the company via our survey before 21 August:


Unresolved and New issues

For many years your representatives have feared that many of the changes to the work carried out by Examiners have been implemented with the view to undervaluing your role. Whilst concerns have been raised all the way up to the Business Director Sean Roberts, we have repeatedly been told that there is no desire to use contractors or agency staff and the business model they use is based on Amey employing permanent staff to carry out the work. Whilst never agreed seeing the exact opposite happen was easier to stomach when they had the justification of the ORR improvement notice but now we are aware that yet more contractors have been brought in to carry out the work without consultation with TSSA negatively impacting You.

We are concerned that the effects maybe impacting on members differently across the company and need to have your input for a meeting that we have with the company to go over the important issues within CEFA. We had arranged to meet with Sean Roberts on the upcoming tendering process and also to raise these issues but this meeting was cancelled and rearranged with Andy Dean on the 23 August 2013.

This is an important time for members working on the CEFA contract and the company must start to properly recognise and appreciate the work that you do for their benefit in the run up to the contract being retendered. Over the years Amey has introduced new ways of working with scant regard to consultation or negotiation and from some of the reports we are getting we have grave concerns that they are seeking to manage people out of the business. If we didn’t know better we would be forgiven for suspecting foul play in advance of the announcement of who will win the work in December.

It has never been more important to be part of the TSSA and to play an active role in your union and direct how we deal with these issues. Without your input we cannot fully understand the different issues in your particular locations and with some of our representatives’ seats vacant and with ‘HUB’ areas like Manchester and York severely under represented we cannot hope to be effective in those areas in the run up to the potential TUPE transfers unless people come forward to fill these seats.

What can You do?

Firstly take every opportunity to encourage your colleagues to join the TSSA they can do this online at we need to continue building our strength and individuals need to join in advance of any issues impacting on them so they need to join ASAP.

Arm us with more information by taking the time to fully complete our survey and help us with our talks on 23 August at: (further information on some of the issues is contained within the survey)

If you don’t work for CEFA but have issues that you want to resolve in the workplace then contact your representative below.

You can contact your local representative or find out how you can stand to fill one of the vacancies shown in the details below, these positions are open to any TSSA members across Amey Consulting Rail and people from all backgrounds, disciplines, gender or race are welcome to step forward and will receive training and support to carry out the role.

Alternatively if you are interested in becoming a Health and safety rep or a Learning rep that would assist with identifying and sourcing courses that your colleagues are interested in pursuing then please let us know.





William Murray


1 Vacancy



2 Vacancies



Dave Merrett


3 Vacancies



Patricia Massop


1 Vacancy


S.W. & Wales/ Swindon

Tarnia Wilson


Enzo Carrubba


Gary Illing (H&S)


Andy Beech (H&S)


Colin Savage


James McKinney


Shamus Callaghan

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