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Amey Consulting rail: Health & Safety Committee

13 September 2011

Amey agree 2-week extension so that TSSA can encourage members to play a part in the Health & Safety committee or Target Safety Action groups.

Health and Safety Committee

TSSA has been pushing to get some form of Health & Safety committee for several years now and as a result of your representatives hard work the company is now setting these up but we need you to volunteer to play your part and feed into these committees/groups.

Hopefully you saw the email from Sean Roberts on 23 August calling for volunteers by 9 September? TSSA has agreed an extension of this window until the 23 September in order to allow any TSSA members to put their names forward.

What is it?

Whether it be your office desk, the company vehicle that you drive or structures that you visit every day, when you are at work there are potential Health & Safety hazards. Between you and your employer there are duties on removing or minimising the risks of these hazards. Which is why in conjunction with TSSA, Amey Consulting Rail is looking to set up Forums to better understand the hazards that you face so that they can be dealt with appropriately and risks minimised or removed. The only way this can be achieved is by working with YOU the staff.

Why Should I get involved?

Ultimately you have a vested interest in getting involved and ensuring that Amey is doing all it can to protect you and your colleagues Health & Safety. The committee itself will only function successfully with proper feed in from those who come across the hazards in the workplace and can suggest ways of making improvements. Your knowledge and experience of the workplace will be invaluable to ensure the success of the committees and the Target Zero initiative, which Amey is running.

As long as you are a TSSA member then we will also provide you with independent training on Health & Safety which will allow you to carry out your role and enable you to become an accredited Union Health & Safety rep.

What are the duties of a Health & Safety rep?

These are numerous but some of the duties listed in Health and safety legislation include:

  • To attend Health & Safety Committee meetings
  • To carry out workplace inspections in accordance with the relevant legislation
  • Independent investigation of potential hazards and dangerous occurrences
  • Investigating complaints made by those that they represent relating to that persons health, safety or welfare at work
  • Making representations to the employer regarding the above 2 points

The training that TSSA provides will cover all the duties that you will be expected to perform and the legislation ensures that your employer will provide you with paid time off to attend this training and to perform your duties.

How do I get involved?

Please email Marie Eggbeer, with the subject ‘Safety Action Group participation’ and copy Alan Valentine into the email. In this way both the Company and TSSA will have a good picture on who wants to get involved in the groups and be in a better position to support individuals interested in playing a part.

If you have already put your name forward then please email Alan Valentine to advise that you have expressed an interest.

TSSA have an initial Reps induction training day scheduled for 10 October in London for all those members that put their names forward and are interested in playing more of a part in Health & Safety for all. If you are thinking of getting involved then please try to keep this day free.

Health & Safety is an area where we can work together with Amey to ensure risks are minimised and everyone benefits.

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