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Amey Consulting: Reps Elected

31 January 2013

Outcome of Reps nomination period and elections


Election meetings

Thanks to those members who have contacted us about the election process, where possible we have tried to attend team briefings and arrange workplace meetings but this is not always an easy task. Unfortunately we haven’t managed to speak to everyone but hopefully these circulars allow members to keep themselves up to date where you either don’t have representation or can’t attend a meeting with a TSSA rep in attendance. Up to the final date of nominations for candidates there are still many vacancies and if members are interested in standing as a representative in these areas then they should contact we can’t stress how valuable it is for every vacancy to be filled so please consider if this is something that you would like to do, find out more about or talk to a colleague about if you think they would be good in the role. Interested in being a rep but confused about which hub you fall under? Please just contact us and we will help to answer your questions.

Representatives Elected

In our last circular we advised the outcomes of the Scottish and South East/Crawley Hub elections which we repeat at the bottom of the list, the other areas are:

Manchester = 0 Nominations

2 Vacancies – no nominations received within the relevant period – it will make it very hard to adequately represent members within this Hub without any workplace representatives and we’d strongly encourage any members interested in assisting to come forward as soon as possible.

Swindon/Bristol = 4 Nominations

Andy Beech – Elected unopposed – Health & Safety Rep

Enzo Carruba – Elected unopposed – Health & Safety Rep

Gary Illing – Elected Unopposed – Local Industrial Rep

Tarnia Wilson – Elected unopposed - Lead Rep

Birmingham = 1 Nomination:

Patricia Massop – Elected Unopposed – Lead Rep

1 Vacancy – no nominations received within the relevant period

York = 1 Nomination:

Dave Merrett- Elected unopposed – Lead Rep

3 Vacancies – no nominations received within the relevant period

Scotland = 1 Nomination:

William Murray – Elected Unopposed – Lead Rep

1 Vacancy – no nominations received within the relevant period

Crawley/South East = 3 Nominations:

Shamus Callaghan – Elected Unopposed – Local Industrial and H&S rep

James McKinney - Elected Unopposed - Local Industrial and H&S rep

Colin Savage - Elected Unopposed – Lead Rep

If you need to contact any of the reps and cannot find their contact details through the Amey Systems then please contact the TSSA helpdesk on 0800 328 2673.

Next Steps

The representatives will now perform a 2 year term with an election process being carried out again in early 2015; if we fill any vacancies between now and then the term of office for those representatives will be for the remainder of the 2 year term. Within that term in areas where there is only 1 vacancy and we receive a valid nomination form for an interested candidate we will seek to advertise this and run a nomination period to ensure that no-one else is interested in the post and if needed run an election. In areas where there is more than 1 vacancy as long as there is a valid nomination form received then candidates will be taken on a first come first served basis until there is 1 vacancy left.

A meeting took place on 30 January to decide who will be the lead representative in each Hub area and who will perform local rep duties and local Health & Safety rep duties the outcome of which is outlined next to each representative above.

How can I help?

If you are in an area where there are vacancies speak to your colleagues and find out who might be interested to represent your area, you may know someone who frequently speaks up at team meetings on behalf of their colleagues and is well respected by others. If you want to find out more about what it is to be a workplace representative then why not find out direct from the reps by emailing or contact one of them direct.

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