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Amey Consulting: Reps Elections

8 November 2012

Notice of Intention to hold elections for Union Representatives within Amey Consulting Rail


Dear Member

To ensure your union is democratic, fully represents you and complies with the Collective Bargaining (CB) Agreement we are giving notice of our intention to hold Rep elections numbers of which are outlined below as per the CB agreement.

You have fought hard to widen Collective Bargaining and it is now time to make good on that investment. This is not a case that it would be nice to have more Reps. For the collective group to function the appointment of Reps is a vital component. TSSA need you to seriously consider standing for one of these roles

Only TSSA members covered by Collective Bargaining within Amey Consulting Rail are allowed to stand for election, nominate candidates and vote. To take part in the nomination process or stand for nominations you must join TSSA before Monday 26 November 2012 and to vote in any elections you must join the TSSA no later than 4 January 2013. Nomination forms are attached but if you have any questions or queries please contact the or 0800 3282673


Nomination Period from 26 November 2012 to 14 December 2012

It is vital to ensure a democratic and Representative union that you take part in this process. Please take the time to consider taking on these roles or who you think is best suited to act as your Representative and talk to them and your colleagues as to why you wish to nominate them. Once this is done, fill in a nomination form (click here for nomination form) get 2 TSSA members from your constituency to nominate you and send to Alan Valentine from 26 November 2012 but no later than 12 noon 14 December 2012 (contact details are shown on the back of the nomination form).

We will be seeking to arrange workplace meetings in each of the 6 main hubs both before and during the nomination period to discuss this process, further dates of these meeting will be issued in the coming weeks.

Proceeding the closing date ALL nominees will be contacted and a meeting in each hub with a national teleconference call will be arranged in each hub to ensure all election materials are received and processes are understood. The proposed date for this meeting will be Thursday 20 December 2012, although if you wish to stand and cannot make this date please don’t let this put you off standing for nomination.

Staff Lists of various constituencies the Reps are standing for election in will be supplied and as per the CB agreement sufficient access to allow canvassing of members.

Packs will be supplied to enable candidates to canvass for votes and the Senior Regional Organiser Alan Valentine will be available to support and advise when needed.

Vacant Positions

The Collective Bargaining agreement, apportions Representation around the 6 hubs on the basis of 1 Trade Union (TU) Representative per 50 staff including at least 1 lead Representative and 1 Health and Safety Representative in each Hub location with Local TU Representatives to support the Lead Representatives. Candidates can stand as a Trade Union Representative, once candidates are elected within each hub area Lead Reps and those interested in taking on Health & Safety duties will be selected within each Hub by the successful candidates. The role of the Trade Union Representative is spelled out within the collective bargaining agreement and an extract of this is can be accessed by clicking here along with a section headed Representation. On the basis of the staffing figures that we have recently received from the company this would create vacancies on the basis of the following breakdown but there is some scope to negotiate further positions if there are geographical issues that necessitate more.

Hub Location

Current CB Staffing

Rep Vacancies







Manchester (North West Hub)









Crawley (South East Hub)



Postal voting

In the event that we have more candidates than vacant positions we will need to run elections, due to the geographical issues and the fact that we have a large membership who work from home this will be carried via a postal vote. The postal vote will run from Monday 5 January 2013 and votes to be received no later than 12 noon 21 January 2013. Further information will follow after the nomination period to advise how this will progress.

You know the path but it is now time to walk that path. If you take one look back it should be enough to convince you where we are going is better than where we came from.


Once in place these roles will remain for two years. In the event of a vacancy arising within this time the Vacant Position process will be applied.

We hope all that take part in this election not only understand the reasons for holding them but have fun taking part in the process. We are also hopeful that we have enough members coming forward from different grades, backgrounds and roles so that we have a truly Representative body looking after you interests.

Please encourage your colleagues who are non-members to consider joining so that they have a say in who represents you in negotiations, they can do this at

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